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About IPowertel

Independent Power Telecom Engineering Ltd. was established in 1990, was known and addressed as Independent Power Company, but later registered as a limited liability company in 2007 bearing the current name. The visionary and founder, Engr. Joshua Onipede is a Research Scientist/Engineer with passion for Renewable Energy, Wind Turbine Generator And Solar Energy, he has carried out so many research work on many area of Sciences, Physical, Agricultural and Health Sciences, His works and experiences includes Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical and Civil Engineering, He has designed, consructed and built so many Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Civil Engineering equipments, materials and buildings, He participated in the First Electricity Power Exhibition in Nigeria held at the Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos from 11th to 19th October 1999 showcasing his first locally constructed Wind Turbine Generator proudly displayed and televised on Channels Television for the whole period, and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the venue.

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Certificate of Participation issued at Tafawa Balewa Square.
Engr. Joshua's First Constructed Wind Turbine Generator.

Who We Are

    Renewable Energy Developers

    IPowertel Energy has three basic services:

  • The building of large rooftop and utility scale ground-mount Solar Energy, generating facilities.
  • The sale and distribution of Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and the components.
  • The sale, lease and installation of Renewable Energy System, to individuals, companies, group of companies, governments and commercial customers.

    Renewable Energy Consulting

  • IPowertel provides consulting services to other Renewable Energy Companies, Municipalities, Non-profits, Commercial interest, and individuals.

    Equipment Procurement & Constructions

  • Developer for the entire installation effort, which includes approval of the System Design/Engineering, Equipment Procurement, Cystem Commissioning and Operations, Equipment, & Maintenance (OEM) Services for the life of the system (30-42yrs), ensuring optimum performance or as per agreement.

    Executive Summary

  • IPowertel was formed under the Nigerian laws, The Corporate headquarters is located at 18, Akogun Street, Etegbin, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • IPowertel in technical collaboration with other manufacturing partners is ever ready to provide Renewable Energy Commercial Development Services (RECDS) to businesses in Africa, Europe and across the globe.

  • IPowertel's team of Engineers have over 35 years of experience in the Renewable Energy industry.

  • IPowertel is Africa's leading installation arm and technical partner with quality materials manufacturers working hand in hand to bringing lasting solution to Africa's incessant power problems with projects line up in the Nigeria and other African territories in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Independent Power Telecom Engineering, Set up by Joshua Onipede, a reowned and specialist, Renewable Energy Engineer, (REE) both expert in Solar Power Technology and Wind Turbine Power Systems,with more than 35 years working experience in the industries, with many students graduated under his technical expertise! Member of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and founder; “Africa Solar Engineers”.









Meet Our Team

Joshua Onipede

Renewable Energy Research Engineer

Our Earlier Trainees


Unlocking the Value of Solar Power in Nigeria

10th December 2016


Delivered at Lagos State University.

Projects & Experiments

Power House Sytem Design Type

Another Car Rack Design of 4.5Kw System

5Kva Solar Accumulator or Inverter System

Stand Alone Roof Top Modules

Constructed 40Kva Stabillizer

Working Kit

First Constructed Wind Trubine Generator

30Ah 12/24V Battery Charger 1993